RAK is an asset-based company from the United States of America that owns numerous subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, South-Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe and beyond and that only does its own projects within the precious metals industry including diamonds and gold and also mining, agriculture, solar and security sectors. Shamar Global Enterprises could not be more proud to fulfil the Specialist Security needed for all these very unique and niche projects and divisions. RAK Education and Technology Solutions also host leading and revolutionary online technology within the field of eLearning and training platforms including LMS's and CLMS's and take a lot of pride due to the fact that we work with some of the world's leading blue-chip organisations across many industries. Please see our RAK Technology Solution page to learn more.


We specialise in the safe transport of assets within the commodity sectors and we can safely transport between 1 to 40 Metric Ton's of precious metals up to 3 times a week from without Africa into Austria, Dubai, Hong-Kong and the United States of America where our Refineries are based and situated.

Our Capacity is as follows:

Boeing 747 Business Jet 40 MT of Cargo

Boeing BBJ's Business Jet's, 5MT of cargo

Falcon 8 Business Jet's, 2MT of cargo

Offers to all exporters of Gold and Diamonds wanting to travel with their assets in absolute luxury, safety and privacy!!

We own our own fleet of extremely reliable and modern planes: 2x Boeing 747, 2x Business Boeings and also a Falcon 8. This is a very unique and specialist service we offer and should you require any detail into this very specific service then one of our very experienced consultants will be more than happy to discuss, present and purpose this opportunity in great detail and length at a time and place most convenient and best suited.

In accordance with Global Security specifications and core competencies did RAK Group Holdings Inc. partnered with SHAMAR GLOBAL ENTERPRISES and formed strategic alliances with some of the principal training providers, operational outfitters and safety and security consultants around the globe to ensure ever-progressing education and developing of the highest standard, the combined aim of RAK Group Holdings Inc. and SHAMAR GLOBAL ENTERPRISES is to supply vastly trained, professional, fully vetted and insured tutors and teams for a wide range of specialised training & services on a global basis, giving total training resolutions to the Government, Public and Private Sectors and ensuring that our clientele receive a quality service that is highly sought after.


Courses, workshops, conferences and operations will be conducted by truly experienced and qualified tutors, trainers and senior operators.

RAK and Shamar have partnered with some of the prominent training providers and authorities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and Oceania offering the best Close Protection and Security training programs the industry can offer.


Elite International and Elite Academy for Security Training is one of our preferred partners and at the forefront of revolutionising the International training scene with their amazing creativity and willingness to constantly push the envelope.

With a team consisting of both law enforcement, military-trained personnel and private sector experts with decades of combined experience, Shamar with the Guidance of RAK is uniquely qualified to provide you with a security solution customized to meet your unique and particular needs.

Each officer is carefully chosen based on his aptitude, skill, level of professionalism, and mannerisms and must pass a thorough background, criminal record, and fingerprint checks, as well as intense preparation and practice that encompass hypothetical and practical coursework.

In this way, we are able to guarantee that our team can and will provide the highest levels of security and protection possible and will do so with the utmost respect, professionalism, and integrity.

Providing tailored Close Protection Services, Close Protection Training, VIP Luxury Services, Security Consultancy, Workshops, Conferences and Master Classes to corporate, high net worth clients, government departments and any legitimate persons requiring protective services or training, worldwide.

Our Close Protection Services, Executive Protection, Close Protection and Close Protection and Security Training and exclusive range of VIP Luxury Services, are available to the full range of client groups, all with their differing needs, requirements, conditions & diverse needs associated with their professions or status.

SHAMAR GLOBAL ENTERPRISES Close Protection Services are renowned for their hallmark features of tact, discretion, complete professionalism and utter reliability. Our clients are from all walks of life spanning the globe, high net worth individuals, corporate executives and government officials.

Our Close Protection Officers are available upon request anywhere in the world, for particular events, conditions & time periods, covering any or all of the whole range of Close Protection Officer duties. The same amounts for our training packages and services.

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To become the point of reference dedicated security company for the safety and security industry providing first-rate solutions and to reward customers through continuous improvement driven by the honesty, solidarity and originality of our people.


Our goal is to spearhead best practise benchmarks for our industry without losing sight of our original goal to deliver 360 degree turnkey solution for every aspect of security.


Shamar Global Enterprises Ltd. brings integrity and accountability to our industry while providing our customers with highly trained, professional, fully vetted and insured tutors and teams for every aspect of security,   GLOBALLY.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

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